We Started ArckCloud Because Commodity Web Hosting is Broken

We started ArckCloud out of frustration with the lack of affordable, reliable, application-oriented, cloud services to host the custom web applications we developed for our own clients at Arck Interactive. We found it nearly impossible to find providers that: offered features that weren’t described with meaningless buzzwords, had any useful level of visibility into resource utilization and application tracing across the entire stack (without digging through thousands of add-on plugins), or had pricing models that our skilled developers understood or could explain to our clients without hiring a third-party “cloud consultant”.

We have yet to work with a startup whose projections on active users has been anything close to reality and budgeting for what you can’t realistically estimate can be a nightmare for even the most established business. We also realized that there is a distinct lack of managed cloud hosting providers with support teams that don’t force you through a maddening tier 1 – 4 triage process. If you’re anything like me you find this about as enjoyable as weeding through those multistep touch-tone menus that larger companies force you through for phone support.

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