Solr Lucene Presentation at ElggCamp Italy

paul stewart at elggcamp

ElggCamp Italy is just a few short weeks away.  Our very own Matt Beckett is going to be there and giving a presentation on Elgg Search Scalability and Solr integration.  It will go over the history of Elgg search, currently pros/cons of the bundled search plugin.  There will be some case studies showcasing our work with Solr and the problems that we have solved using it, as well as a good old deep dive into the code to show how to work with the plugin to extend it to your projects needs.

In order to get ready for this we have released a new version of the plugin for Elgg 2.0.  This version fixes a few bugs as well as a library loading regression issue from Elgg 2.1 and does a bit of code cleanup.  This version is a break from previous versions in that it is no longer back compatible to Elgg 1.8.  As much as we wanted to keep things as BC as possible, there comes a time where the maintenance burden simply outweighs the gains.

The presentation should be recorded, so we’ll post that video here when it becomes available.

The Elgg Solr plugin is available now on the Elgg Community site, github, or packagist.

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