Arck launches public Elgg-based social network demo: Kyoutsuu

Kyoutsuu is a basic example of what’s possible with Elgg, an open-source social networking framework, and Arck Interactive, a team of talented web designers developers. Elgg provides the building blocks that allow you to create and grow your own social networking site, whether publicly (like Facebook) or internally on a networked intranet (like Microsoft Sharepoint).

Arck provides a full-range of custom design and development services for Elgg and offer options for either hosting your social network with us, or on your own server. You can view a fill list of our Elgg services and case studies for social networks we’ve developed with Elgg on our web site.

Please register for a free account and play in our sandbox. If you have any questions, or feedback, click the little Feedback tab on the left side of the web page and we’ll get back to you soon!

By the way, kyoutsuu means community or commonality in Japanese.

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