Arck launches ArckCloud managed hosting for high-availability/performance web applications

ArckCloud Managed Cloud Hosting

I’d like to introduce our latest venture, a managed hosting service called ArckCloud. It’s geared towards clients who demand a high level of service, availability and performance for web applications or infrastructure without having to manage or hire internal IT staff.

Unlike most players in the “cloud” market, we use a flat pricing model. With ArckCloud there are no additional charges for compute time. Your costs start low and only increase when you need to add more resources, which can be done on demand in our horizontally load balanced environment (or vertically, if you wish). We understand that moving to a new hosting provider can be a complex project, so we work with your staff to migrate your applications to our infrastructure at no additional cost. Our engineers also provide support for Severity 1 issues (problems affecting a large percentage of your customers) on most packages. We also include blocks of free development hours on the higher end packages.

ArckCloud is ideal for any services or applications your organization currently hosts in the cloud, with a third party web host, or for in-house services that aren’t required to be physically present at your location. We have custom architectural configurations based on our experience with nearly every common platform. As developers, we understand that every platform uses hardware resources differently and have therefore created unique infrastructure “templates” to accommodate the most popular platforms. This was done based on our professional experience developing and deploying custom solutions at Arck Interactive. What makes us truly unique is that if we developed your application, the same team will operate or directly manage your infrastructure. That means your support issues don’t go through the typical corporate triage and when you call or chat with us you’re speaking with an engineer who can directly address your issue.

Our hosting is strictly managed, which allows us to offer a 100% network uptime guarantee. At this time, we are not selling any of our resources to the general public. However, if you are interested in unmanaged shared public hosting (i.e. basic web hosting) please contact us and we can make it happen. We’re in the process of procuring additional hardware for this purpose.

As you may or may not know, we are a small US-based business with both national and international talent. Choosing to do business with us has a direct impact on our economy and will help us grow our organization and create jobs, which is a passion of mine. For information on our packages and pricing, service level agreements, or to arrange a consultation, please click here.

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