Arck Interactive to sponsor Elgg Camp Santiago

We’re proud to be “gold” sponsoring an Elgg Camp event for the third time. This year’s event will be hosted by our friends and partners from Condiminds on May 11th in Santiago, Chile. We wish we could be there but we’ll be in the process of relocating our offices.

ELGGCAMP is a nonprofit free even that seeks to promote the development of social networks through the use of Elgg, an open source platform developed for this purpose. In the same meet professionals from various fields to contribute their knowledge on the subject. Last ELGGCAMP BUENOS AIRES was held in November 2009 and 2010, with the participation of presenters of all kinds, from developers to specialists in Internet marketing and internal communications and Elgg entrepreneurs telling their success stories. The first issue more than 70 people attended only to hear about Elgg and its possibilities. In 2010 the attending crew grew up to 110 people!

First experience was taken as a presentation of the platform in Argentina. Was convened for this purpose, Brett Profitt, technical leader of Elgg, who also drives the growth of Elgg’s community. This is the main intention of ElggCamp Santiago 2011’s organization. Bring Brett to present the Elgg and get the entrepreneurial world of Santiago to know this great platform and it’s benefits.

The call for speakers will be extended to professionals of different expertise who usually work on daily basis with this platform. There will be specialists flying from Argentina and hopefully the United States, to let you know the possibilities on the use of Elgg and open a new road for entrepreneurial ideas. Also existing sites will be presented and time for a debate will be consider to fulfill all asistant’s expectations.

The mailing campaign will be sent to nearly 20,000 leaflets in different areas: Marketing, Human Resources, IT, design and development of both large enterprises and ventures. With which the sponsors will get visibility and conspicuous will be linked to the spirit of ElggCamp and the web 2.0 values, as collaboration, open dialogue, transparency and commitment. ELGGCAMP SANTIAGO 2011 will take place this year on May 11th at Santiago de Chile, at the auditorium of the Universidad Mayor which has capacity for 200 people seated and then Networking open space for participants to know each other and exhibitors in a relaxed environment.

See the official Elgg Camp BA site for more information.

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