World Bank eScoop.

The World Bank was in an emergency mode after bringing in an open-source collaboration platform (Elgg) that they had no in-house experience with. Their internal development team had started customizing and changing it to fit their needs but ended up in over their heads.

Elgg Platforms


  • Enables the user to add multiple tags to a tag cloud based search.
  • Functions based on context. i.e. (If the tag cloud is on a group page the tags will be from that group content only.)
  • Search results from clicking that tag within the group will only surface that group’s related content.
  • The tag cloud within the search results page updates dynamically based on results from that tag search.a
  • The tag cloud is located in the left hand navigation of all pages Except for the profile and homepage which will be a widget.
  • The tag cloud enables users to type in tags to a text field which will be entered in the panel below once they click apply. This helps users to add tags to their search that may not be listed in the tag cloud but are in the database.
  • The bottom panel allows users to remove tags through a delete icon next to the tag word.
  • The bottom panel defines the search results. No content surfaces that doesn’t have all of the tags in the bottom panel in the result listings.
  • When a user enters text in the text input the function adds suggestions and auto complete.

We flew in to D.C. on short notice and saved the Bank from themselves, quickly putting their eScoop platform on the right track and expanding the system with several new features that allowed their international staff to collaboatively manage major Bank initiatives. The Bank ended up deciding to move to a commercial community platform (our friends at Jive) and we helped them with the migration.


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