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Cincinnati-based Trivantis Corporation is the leading developer of the Lectora suite of elearning software for authoring and content creation. We were brought on to create an engaging community for users to share Lectora and Lectora Online content, contribute to discussions and search for webinars, articles and video tutorials in a custom Knowledge Base.

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  • Full migration for ~30k users from Trivantis’ previous VBulletin Forum to a new Buddypress/BBPress forum.
  • Custom Knowledge Base plugin to allow Trivantis staff to share webinar, article and video resources.
  • Custom responsive theme for Buddypress and BBPress.
  • Custom analytics plugin to track engagement metrics (views, clicks, downloads, media plays, social shares, etc.).
  • Integration with Marketo.
  • Digg style post upvoting.

Working with Trivantis Art Director and Community Manager, we developed the "Trivantis Community" platform, bringing 30,000 Lectora users together to share elearning content, best practices, tutorials -- and engage with colleagues and Trivantis' staff in the community forums. Since Trivantis was already running Wordpress for their marketing site(s), we chose Buddypress and BBPress given the tight integration with Wordpress for SSO (Single Sign-On.) Major customizations for the project included a custom, staff-only, Knowledgebase to house elearning tutorials, articles and videos; a custom analytics plugin to track social engagement, responsive views for rich media, a plugin to automatically extract and serve Lectora Online content from archives and full Marketo integration.


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