Science Literacy Tool.

Partner with the Institute for Learning Innovation to develop an experiential science literacy tool to research the potential for self-measured scientific experimentation and learning.

vuejs: Vue.JS Platforms


  • Custom Learning Management System (LMS), allowing staff to manage all site content: scientific domains and taxonomies, domain and knowledge specific quizzes, educational articles and videos, etc.
  • Full-blown community site where users can create and track domain-specific scientific projects and engage in activities designed to increase their knowledge across each domain.
  • Gamification, allowing users to “level up” and earn badges as they complete quizzes and activities within their domains of interest.
  • Reporting back-end for research, including engagement metrics, individual and aggregate quiz scores and learning trends.

Working with ILI for just under a year, we developed "ScienceVine". ScienceVine allows users to apply scientific methodologies to everyday projects in a gamified environment that rewards progress with badges, science related products and discounts on memberships to many scientific institutions. The tool is used by research teams to measure and improve scientific literacy in rural areas of the United States. The project is a joint development effort between Arck Interactive and the Institute for Learning Innovation under a grant from the National Institute of Science.


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