Monolith Materials Corporate CMS.

Our challenge was to implement an intuitive content management system to allow Monolith to market and promote their clean-energy processes and products.

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Our team collaborated with Agent Thinking, branding and advertising partner of Monolith, to implement a modern and lightweight headless CMS (Statamic) for Monolith's corporate site and a specific site for the Carbon Black product. By working with Agent Thinking, we were able to deliver a redesign that exceeded Monolith's expectations and helped them stay ahead of the competition in the industry.


Agent Thinking is a full-service branding and advertising agency based in Lincoln, Nebraska. They create big holistic ideas and experiences that connect people to brands.

Monolith Materials is the leading developer of the carbon-free hydrogen that will accododate the high-energy needs of a changing world. Their methane pyrolysis makes Clean Hydrogen real, affordable and scalable.


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