CorrectToes Wholesale Storefront.

Take over design and development for Portland native NW Foot & Ankle's Magento storefront. Implement a wholesale portal, integrated WordPress CMS, Mailchimp email marketing, and other UX enhancements.

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  • Integrated Mailchimp newsletters and email marketing campaigns.
  • Full-featured wholesale portal extension for Magento.
  • Promotional product pages.
  • Fully streamlined and user-friendly registration process.
  • Discount and promo code capabilities.
  • Product color selector/previews.

Working with NW Foot & Ankle's team for several months, we created an e-commerce portal specifically for the wholesale side of their business. The portal fully automated wholesale pricing and order fulfillment, which had previously been a tedious manual process. In addition to the wholesale portal, we helped NW Foot & Ankle improve their store's UX with features such as discount/promo codes, color selectors with live previews for all products and hover states that show additional product information to the customer.


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