FoodTrack – Food Recall Management and Industry Alert System.

FoodTrack, a leader in food safety notification services, sought to revolutionize its industry approach. Driven by a commitment to innovation, FoodTrack recognized the need for a modernized approach. They embarked on a mission to provide clients, including food distributors and industry experts, with precise, timely, and tailored alerts. Acknowledging the traditional methods they had relied on, FoodTrack aimed to enhance their capabilities.

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  • Comprehensive Internal Database: FoodTrack’s platform boasts a vast internal database with over 100,000 meticulously cataloged individual alerts, each categorized with detailed taxonomies.
  • Real-time Notifications: FoodTrack’s platform offers real-time notification capabilities, delivering critical alerts directly to clients’ email inboxes. Clients are promptly informed about food safety issues that may impact their products, allowing for immediate response and ensuring consumer safety.
  • Advanced Search Functionality: FoodTrack’s search functionality is powered by complex taxonomies, including criteria such as country of origin, distribution, product type, recall type, and more.
  • Extensive Bulletin Repository: FoodTrack’s platform houses hundreds of thousands of bulletins, providing a comprehensive repository of food safety information.
  • Interactive Dashboards: FoodTrack’s user-friendly platform includes interactive dashboards featuring high-level metrics and customizable widgets. These dashboards offer clients at-a-glance insights into key performance indicators, helping them monitor food safety trends and make informed decisions with ease.
  • Metadata Application and Database Publication: Proprietary metadata application allows for detailed categorization of bulletins, which are published in real-time to a secure database.
  • Data Export and Visualization: FoodTrack’s platform seamlessly exports search results to Excel, providing clients with a breakdown of selected metadata for in-depth analysis. Integration of customized data visualization tools empowers clients to visualize industry trends and gain actionable insights.

FoodTrack engaged ARCK Interactive to develop an advanced notification platform that would revolutionize the way food safety alerts are disseminated. The result was RecallShield, a state-of-the-art web application designed to provide real-time, industry-specific alerts to its clients. Our solution streamlined the entire notification process. FoodTrack clients could now easily upload recall notices or press releases, and within minutes, these alerts were distributed within a closed network of industry peers. This ensured that recall notices were disseminated responsibly and only to relevant stakeholders, preventing the spread of inaccurate information.


Established in 1996, FoodTrack is a trusted leader in providing real-time food safety information. With a track record of promptly alerting the food industry to recalls, outbreaks, and critical issues, FoodTrack has covered major events, from the ground beef crisis in 1997 to the sesame seeds incident in 2020. They’ve expanded their surveillance to encompass both domestic and global concerns, serving a loyal client base. FoodTrack understands the value of accuracy and consistency in safeguarding brand integrity and company reputation.


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