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Develop a cutting-edge platform to be used by Executive Network's service staff as their primary tool for customer information and matching research. The platform is intended to streamline EN's relationship workflow, which was previously  a highly manual process involving multiple platforms (Salesforce, Regonline, Outlook).

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  • Salesforce Integration: We modelled Executive Network’s Salesforce objects and relationships in Elgg and created a mechanism to bi-directionally synchronize account, network and member data.
  • Role-based Access with Custom Profile Types: We developed a framework to implement user roles for Elgg, providing more granular control over the site than Elgg’s default user distinction. Out of the box Elgg recognizes two types of users: members (ordinary users) and administrators (users who can do everything on the site). This plugin allows Executive Networks to define custom roles for administrators, staff, members and guests.
  • Event Management: Our goal was to completely replace EN’s commercial event system, RegOnline, with a custom tool that exceeded its functionality. We developed a robust event management system including features like: venue management, agenda management, optional guest registration, and a communications sub-system with customizable notification templates driven by user actions and/or pre-defined schedules.
  • Advanced Search Query Builder: Executive Network’s required a robust, responsive search engine to mine the wealth of business intelligence within the member network, so we created a custom query builder that allows their staff to interactively combine criteria, operators and conditions. Commonly used queries can be saved and accessed by other staff and results can be saved and reviewed at a later date.
  • Search Results Processing: Taking our query builder one step further, we developed a results processing engine that allows staff to save point-in-time search results for later review.
  • Engagement Index: The “engagement index” is a calculated metric that creates a focus for the discussion of member engagement using “evidence” on the site, including touch point dates, participation records, content contributions, scorecard ratings, searches initiated, visits to the site and so on.
  • CCD/Staff Dashboard: The CCD is the primary connector at EN. Their job is to know their members (profile, company initiatives, professional expertise, networking style, etc) and create opportunities for members to connect with each other. These opportunities may be a network face to face meeting, a sub-group meeting , a webinar on a topic of interest to a number of members, a benchmark survey we broker for a member, individual introductions and so on. The CCD Dashboard presents account and member data, engagement metrics, participation records and other critical information to the CCDs in a single consolidated views. It also allows notes (annotations) to be attached to various records similar to how a CRM functions.
  • Outlook Integration: We developed a custom mail engine to fetch, parse and store years of emails exchanged between CCDs and EN’s members. For example, a major part of the CCD’s job function is to connect executives who are facing similar challenges with each other. Our engine is able to identify the sending and receiving members (via their email addresses) and map the communications to their accounts within the application, thereby allowing EN to track the context and number of times a particular member (or resource) has been recommended.

Working with Executive Network's COO for a period of one year, we developed the "EnSight" platform, fully automating all manual workflows and providing a centralized resource for member, resource and event management. EnSight provides EN's members of each network with access to all members of every one of their internal networks - the entire constellation that includes more than 200 C-Level executives from more than 150 organizations worldwide.  It's easy and efficient - members often start receiving answers and information within minutes of making a request and staff have access to valuable business metrics and EN's entire membership database. Executive Networks (EN) is developing a unique social networking platform designed to augment our  facilitated peer to peer networks. The platform aggregates current point solutions used for threaded discussions, event registration and customer communications with an extended set of “connection”  research and collaborative tools. A “connection” in EN parlance is a piece of research, a name or idea from a threaded discussion, a brokered introduction to another member and so on which helps a member advance a line of inquiry, validate program assumptions, locate implementation resources, etc. We call this “just in time business  intelligence”. The new EN platform also centralized all of EN’s data in one location, improving the staff productivity and improving member self-service tools. EnSight is cited most often by members for providing the strongest return on their investment in network membership. Members come to view it as a reliable always-on source of answers and information that provide real, tangible, and measurable results for their companies.

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