Wiley Faculty Network.

Create an engaging social network to enable Wiley staff and their faculty network to connect with colleagues, find mentors, attend virtual and live events and post-event discussion groups, and view a wealth of resources all designed to help them grow as educators.

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  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration: Wiley had already collected most of the information required by Elgg’s profiles in an internal application called Profval. We developed a custom single sign-on interface that automatically populated Elgg with each user’s profile information from Profval, instead of asking for it twice.
  • Role-based Access with Custom Profiles: Out of the box, Elgg comes with a very granular set of access controls. We extended these controls to allow for different user “roles”, each with its own unique set of permissions and profile fields. For example, Wiley’s authors have a field to capture all of the work they’ve published.
  • Intelligent Dashboard Widgets: In order to drive WFN users to content that might interest them, we developed a custom set of dashboard widgets that suggest content to users based on their professional and personal interests.
  • Content Management System (CMS) Plugin: We developed a custom CMS plugin that allows Wiley to deliver context and discipline specific content and internal advertisements to users in a dedicated sidebar block on specific pages.
  • Events Management System: We extended Elgg’s event management plugin to include a number of new features including: registrant/capacity limits, recurring email notifications, a system for tracking event registration and attendance by participant, event evaluation forms and electronic certificates for event participants.
  • Resources Plugin: We developed a custom plugin for document, video and audio sharing that allowed Wiley to categorize files based on organizational and academic needs. The plugin also allowed files to be shared across multiple groups, from a central location. Some of the custom categories included: intended audience, instructional categories, intended use, disciplines and peer review status.
  • Granular Analytics and Reporting: Wiley didn’t want to have to hire a nerd capable of parsing Elgg’s log files, so we developed a reporting engine that tracks all sorts of user activity and metrics on the site and presents it in an easy to read HTML report with the capability to export to XLS.
  • Email Digest for all Group members: WFN users can select either daily, weekly, or monthly notifications for content posted to areas they belong to on the site. Notifications are sent in a single aggregated digest for all the groups they belong to.
  • Custom Groups: We modified Elgg’s group functionality to include a bunch of cool features, including: group sponsors and facilitators with badges, group messageboards, custom group types with branded layouts.

Working with Wiley and Garfield Group Interactive over a period of 6 months, we developed a scalable social network based on Elgg dubbed Wiley Faculty Network (WFN). WFN is completely integrated with Wiley’s existing legacy applications, allowing one-click login across systems, bi-directional metrics/reporting and total information sharing between staff, mentors and educators. The Wiley Faculty Network was designed to support and inspire a collaborative academic community where faculty connect with innovators, Mentors, timely resources and engaging events to advance the art of teaching.  Members work together to support and inspire a collaborative academic community where faculty connect with innovators, Mentors, timely resources and engaging events to advance the art of teaching.

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