Integrated Talent Assessment Tool.

Brandon Hall Group came to us with a business workflow automation challenge and a general concept for an integrated talent assessment tool. They'd been using a complex spreadsheet to gather and analyze data based on their Integrated Talent Management Impact Model, a process that helps organizations diagnose, implement, evaluate and improve talent management practices. Their process required required respondents to input data in individual spreadsheets. The data from each spreadsheet was later manually compiled into a master sheet for analysis and reporting.

Elgg Platforms


  • Interactive form and survey builder.
  • Fully customizable white-labelled UI and report builder.
  • Visual reporting component with Google Charts.
  • PDF generation.

Under BHG's direction, we developed a responsive, multi-tenant, talent management tool to allow Brandon Hall Group to interactively create web-based versions of their surveys. The tool presents ITM participants with an easy to use multi-step form that collects quantitative and qualitative data on their talent management practices. After completion, participants generate a PDF scorecard that summarizes their responses with a color coded system to highlight problem areas. The application also includes a reporting component with Google Charts for higher level organizational reporting and analysis. BHG later engaged us to develop a series of enhancements to the software that allowed their staff to clone existing surveys and create new surveys using an interactive form building tool.

Google Charts

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