Lullaby Sitters Matching Platform.

Lullaby Sitters is an online networking community that connect parents and sitters in the Indianapolis area. They help connect their members online and in person thru our exclusive “Speed Sitting” events (think speed dating, except for a sitter). They came to us seeking to streamline their offline registration,  sitter matching and event mangagement processes with a custom web/mobile application.

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  • Advanced sitter search allowing parents to filter based on proximity and availability.
  • Configurable subscriptions for parents, including a full-featured back end that integrates with legacy accounting systems.
  • Integrated background checks for sitters.
  • Fully streamlined and user-friendly registration process.
  • Re-designed, responsive marketing site.

Working closely with Lullaby Sitters founders, we developed an Elgg-based platform that fully automates all aspects of the Lullaby Sitters business model. The platform offers paid member subscriptions,  an extensive sitter search allowing parents to limit by proximity and availability, sitter scheduling, reviews, background checks, event management and back-office integration for accounting. We re-designed their marketing site in the process, creating a unified identity across all their digital presence.

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