Movewme Hobby Network.

Design and develop a hobby enthusiast community that combines the engaging community features from Raverly and Hobby Lobby with the easy-to-use marketplace and promotional functionality of Etsy.

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  • Ask The Experts – Our “Ask The Experts” forum allows users to self-identify as experts within a certain hobby and elect to receive questions from the community. When a member posts a question, experts receive email and site notifications for any hobbies they have identified as an expert for. to be used as the model for this feature.
  • Branded Storefronts – All Movewme users can create branded storefronts where they can easily create, manage, sell and track their inventories — absolutely free!
  • Banner and Video Advertising – We development a custom advertisign enginge that allows members to market their goods (via images and videos) for a small monthly fee. The ads are context-sensitive and targetted to specific keywords and demographics by the advertisters.
  • Hobby Groups – Branded and user-managed hobby communities, including discussion boards, forums, image galleries, streaming videos, member lists — and more!

We put all of our community and e-commerce development expertise to bear and created a unique platform that allows hobbyists to engage with each other in branded mini-communities, seek the guidance of experts in a Quora like questions and answer forum and easily create and manage their inventories in branded storefronts. The soul of Movewme is the international community of makers and creators and their fans and patrons who come together to share knowledge, tips, advice and to market and sell their beautiful creations.


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