Health Modeling Community.

Develop a web-based system for aggregating, organizing, and displaying lecture content (images, videos, published papers, noted, etc.) related to public health modeling. In addition to allowing scientists and researchers to easily search and locate relevant lecture materials, the system includes a “suggested content”engine that allows related content(e.g., the example models built in that video, or the slides used in that video) to be shown.

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  • Custom plugin for the “bundle” container which includes the ability to store and organize multiple types of content and associated metadata.
  • In-line file viewer for all “bundle” content types: videos, spreadsheets, slide shows, documents, etc.
  • Full-text indexing and searching for all content types via Apache SOLR/Lucene.
  • Scientific taxonomy/folksonomy support via Elgg tags.
  • Elastic storage via ArckCloud.
  • Custom container for the actual health models, including:
    • Title /Description
    • The modeling software required to open the model (including choice of modeling software and version number [a string])
    • The name or identity of the model creator
    • Health subdomain associated with the model via a drop­down categorization
    • Particular technical mechanisms associated with the model via tags:
      • One or more model source files
      • A set of supporting files (could be an archive)

Expansion of the site to allow for posting of interlinked content in the specific form of lecture “bundles”. A “bundle” is distinguished by virtue of the fact that it contains multiple subtypes of interrelated content. When a user interacts with a particular type of content (e.g., a video), the system unambiguously suggests supporting related content. Bundles are a loose, modifiable structure, associated with both content and metadata.


"Arck Interactive delivered a comprehensive system that exceeded our expectations. The attention to detail and reliable communcation were our favorite aspects of working with Arck. We look forward to doing business with them soon!"
-Charlie Grove, Systems Engineer


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