Cubview 2.0 Learning Management System.

Create a custom learning management system to help students and teachers organize content, post homework assignments and videos, and hold discussions outside of the classroom. Improve Cubview's user experience, interface, functionality and performance based on faculty and student feedback from Cubview 1.0's first full year in production.

Elgg Platforms


  • Team Tracker Plugin: Team Tracker allows Loyola’s coaches to track wins/losses, upcoming game schedules and manage their opponents. Results are integrated within custom group pages.
  • Assignments Plugin: The assignments plugins allows teachers to assign interactive assignments to students and track completion. Students can keep track of their current and past due assignments via a dashboard feed.
    Custom River Dashboard: We developed a custom river dashboard plugins that allows users to filter the latest content by role (Student, Faculty, Staff) and type (Blog, Photo, Video, Group).
  • LDAP/SSO Integration: We developed a custom authentication plugin that integrated with Loyola’s LDAP directory, allowing students to login with their Loyola accounts.
  • Account Importer: In addition to the LDAP integration, we developed an account importer that allows Loyola admins to bulk import user accounts.
  • Terms of Service Splash: This is a multipage terms of service splash that users must accept and sign before entering the network for the first time.
    Custom Groups: We modified Elgg’s group functionality to include a bunch of cool educational features, including: class assignments, roll calls, class discussions, integrated google gadgets, group messageboards and custom group types with branded layouts.

Working with Loyola's Director of Communications for a period of over 12 months, we developed a groundbreaking educational social network based on Elgg. We dramatically redesigned Cubview's UI, implementing a persistent, context-sensitive left hand navigation; developed an enhanced wall / news feed that focuses on academic and athletic updates and allows students to quickly find the information they need; added a context-sensitive assignments widget that displays upcoming assignments for each student; refactored major parts of the application's framework improving overall performance; and much, much more.

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