The Child Care Square.

The Child Care Square is a web service that allows parents seeking child care to email every licensed child care provider within a 5-mile radius. They came to us looking to enhance their service offering with a private community site, exclusively for child care providers, to provide a private, professional space for connecting, communicating and collaborating -- a full-featured childcare software platform.

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  • Private, walled-garden with granular privacy settings, allowing childcare organizations to share what they want, with who they want.
  • Professional groups allowing cross-agency collaboration and auto-joining based on location.
  • Event management system, allowing agencies to create, promote and manage event attendance and scheduling.
  • Full-features agency profiles.
  • Type-ahead searching across the entire childcare network.

We developed a custom, childcare networking community platforms that allows providers to create groups and communicate, collaborate, exchange professional advice, and share new ideas. Agencies can connect with other agencies, discuss best practices and coordinate overflow. Independent providers can connect with a supportive network of providers in their area. Everyone benefits from knowledge and support.

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