Dailyclout Billcam.

Dailyclout came to us wanting to create a platform ordinary people to monitor legislative bills change in real time, share their sentiment, and raise their voices in public more effectively than just sending an email or signing a petition.

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Laravel-Ionic Platforms


  • Integration with a wide range of legislative data sources
  • Full-text search and store capabilities for thousands of state and federal bills
  • Bill sentiment tracking and voting
  • Real-time notifications for changes to legislation
  • Bill support by party

Working with DailyClout for several months, we re-architected her existing Billcam tool in Laravel. The new and improved Billcam lets users see, share and affect live legislation and voice their sentiment across bills. It has been searched over 2,000,000 times in just its first year.


“Arck quickly helped us add more functionality to the Billcam platform and made our integrations with various legislative APIs much more efficient. They brought us to the next stage of our development. The current platform is better than several state-run databases and the company is profitable. Arck translates ideas into material solutions. They were respectful and professional and their communication is clear.

Paul’s team is very flexible and they know how to deliver results and help startups succeed. The tech space is a male-dominated industry where women often face cultural challenges. Arck was incredibly respectful and professional. Our interactions were egalitarian and we had no issues.”

— Naomi Wolf, CEO, Dailycloudt, Inc.

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