Cruxdata Marketing Insights Platform.

Cruxdata, a web analytics agency, was facing difficulties in effectively analyzing and utilizing the large amounts of data they were collecting from their clients' marketing and analytics platforms. The data was spread across multiple platforms and systems, and combined into a custom Google Data Studio dashboard, but the platform presented multiple constriants making it hard to scale into a truly automated customer-facing solution.

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We developed a progressive web application that allows Cruxdata's customers to connect their marketing and analytics platforms ) to track valuable engagement and SEO metrics across a series of data-driven dashboards.

The platform integrates data from multiple sources, including web analytics, social media, and customer engagement tools, providing a comprehensive view of website performance. The platform also includes advanced reporting and visualization tools, allowing Cruxdata's clients to easily understand and utilize the data. As a result, Cruxdata is now able to provide more valuable insights to its clients and help them improve their online performance.


Cruxdata is a small business digital marketing advisor based in Portland, Oregon. Their web-based platform provides real-time intelligent dashboards, website monitoring, SEO Analysis, and local business listing optimizations into an easy to use marketing platform for small businesses.


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