Develop a new type of social network focused on increasing civic engagement and building consensus on important social and political issues. The platform consumes actionable political and civil issues from a variety of sources and delivers them to members in real-time, with customizable alerts, based on the member's issue affinity. Members can share and discuss actions to build consensus and increase the power of their actions.

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  • Localized civic action feed, allowing users to receive notifications for actions they can take on issues most important to them
  • Gamification elements, rewarding users with points and badges for participating in civic actions
  • Interactive electoral maps where users can easily find and track their representatives
  • Anonymous polls for tracking political issue sentiment
  • A full-suite of user engagement analytics and metrics
  • Customizable political news feeds
  • Legislation tracker
  • Groups and sub-groups
  • Civic engagement app

We created a custom civil engagement platform,, that empowers you to find and discuss the issues most important to you. Our site then provides guidance on how to make tangible moves together—in communities of caring and committed people like yourself, united to make your voices heard.


“Arck developed a working product within the first 45 days of the engagement. The launch earned media attention and the platform has continued to grow. Their team delivered timely and high-quality results.”

— George Polisner, CEO, Civ.Works

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