BridgeJustice ESG Platform.

Develop a web-based platform to show people the social and environmental impact of their investments, so they understand the ways they can create impact.

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Working with ESG data startup YourStake and four ESG-focused Social Justice Organizations, we developed the the "BridgeJustice" platform.

BRIDGE is a free, one-stop platform that aggregates data on the racial, human rights, economic, and climate impacts of publicly traded companies. BRIDGE leverages data and metrics from leading social justice organizations, in order to empower communities that are often left out and most negatively impacted by financial decisions.

Investment data is aggregated nightly from a variety of sources and presented to the user in a easy-to-user search interface where they can look up data for individual investments, or upload their portfolio for a comprehensive analysis.

Successful outcomes included:

- Attracting the attention of policymakers who can influence social justice issue.

- Reaching the mindshare of philanthropic foundations who can fund continued social justice work towards policy change goal.

- Accessing a compelling web and mobile-ready experience of production value that organizations cannot build or maintain on their own, with limited technical staff or resources


The four SJOs involved in the launch of the BridgeJustice Project (FPW, OFW, ETC, AFSC) are diverse, yet each in their own way would like to contribute to societal changes through government policymaking. Each is funded primarily from grants, and serves their communities with academic or policy research. Most of the staff spend their time in policy research, writing, or advocacy to policymakers. With the exception of AFSC, none currently have staff dedicated to investor communities. Their research relating to investor communities is typically a byproduct of their research into corporate actions, where their main goal is to put forth research to educate civil society and policymakers about social justice harms perpetrated by corporations that need to be redressed.


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